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The Dark Knight behind the scenes

TheDarkKnight.jpgThere's behind the scenes footage online for The Dark Knight, and it's a massive eight minutes in all. What I like about it is it isn't all polished and clean, it is jus a series of clips from behind the scenes, and not all the usual stuff either.

Here you'll see all the stars, some of the bigger stunts, and some small on set moments which really do give you the feel of filming on a set.

I couldn't believe how theyve taken that gorgeous Lambourghini and bolted on all that camera equipment! Still, no shots of Heath Ledger as the Joker, perhaps they're being kept for later, and more importantly there doesn't look to be any spoilers at all.

You can see the clip over at MoviesOnline. Enjoy.



Well I thought my post was on here as I saw it on here last night even though when I posted it, it came up with an error I see its not actually here so Ill say again that having seen some amazing movies so far this year with plenty more to come, if I could only see one movie this year it would be The Dark Knight, thats how much I want to see it and now only 2 weeks and 2 days to go!

Yeah, sorry about that Firebug. Here's what's happening. Most regular commenters are being found on the zen.spamhaus.org spam service, which is what the back end of this site uses to mark spam.

So I've had to reduce the scoring on that so that you all show up and don't end up in the junk field. In doing so there's a ton of other real spam comments getting through and the site is getting hit time and time again.

With server resources getting hit the hosting company decided to limit timeouts on all the CGI scripts on Filmstalker - hence you get timeouts on posting comments "500 Internal Error" I believe.

I've asked them to increase it, which they've done, and it should be accepting comments properly now.


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