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The Dark Knight five minutes online

TheDarkKnight.jpgThe first five minutes of The Dark Knight are online, and another story that I thought I'd written about ages ago, in fact I am positive that I saw this very footage a while back, maybe not with this exact dialogue though.

Regardless the first five minutes are back online and you can see them right here, well as long as the studio's lawyers allow them that is!

The footage for The Dark Knight is right here, and without further ado I'll let you watch the Joker's first appearance and the opening bank raid scene which looks superb. There's not any spoilers in here, apart from actually seeing the footage in the first place of course.

There you go. The footage comes through Atomic Popcorn and Comic Book Movies.

This makes me believe so much that has been written about the new Joker, he does seem like a really exciting character.



Just to be clear, this is what is being advertised as "The 6 minute IMAX prologue", which sugggests to me it is the prologue for showing at the IMAX only and may not appear at other theatrical showings. We'll know on July 24th I guess.

It is included (in hi-def) on the US (Region free :)) Blu-Ray edition of "Batman Begins" which officially hits stores this Tuesday (my copy arrived early :)) This video looks like it's been recorded off a screen showing the blu-ray extract with other people in the room (the sound is appaling compared with the Blu-Ray).

The UK edition is also out in a week or two I think so the same "IMAX 6 minute prologue" may well be included on that too.

If you order the "limited edition" collector's set (US only by the looks of things) you get some very nice photo's, a 3D lenticular front sleeve, two DVD-sized comic books - one full of photo's and sketches and notes from "Dark Knight", the other the comic book version of the 6 minute IMAX prologue. It's a very nice package, soured only by the fact that a promised Batman USB Key is NOT included with the Blu-Ray as promised by Warners when advertising it, but IS included with the standard DVD equivalent.

Aha! Thanks for the reminder, I said I thought I'd posted it before, and I have. Now that I remember it's the IMAX trailer I did post it before but the trailer disappeared.

Thanks for the updates Ian.


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