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Update: The Day the Earth Stood Still trailer in HD

TheDayTheEarthStoodStill.jpgI'm not afraid to say when I'm wrong, and it looks like I was wrong about the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, or at least judging by the first trailer I was. It's online and it's looking superb.

Not only is it looking superb, it's also sounding superb. Oh sure, Keanu Reeves seems like numerous characters he's played before, most especially Neo, but that's the perfect style for this role.

You can see the trailer in flash format below, or you can go to Filmweb.pl for a medium Quicktime version through Cinema Blend.

Update: 04/07/20008
The trailers are now on Apple [iPhone:iPod:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] in glorious Quicktime including high definition.

You know I am getting really intrigued by The Day the Earth Stood Still. I loved the pace and the mood of the trailer, the music is really good and does set you on edge for it, and there's Jennifer Connelly too. You can make out Kathy Bates in the trailer, and apparently John Cleese is starring too, how odd.

The original tells the story of an alien who arrives on Earth accompanied by a large robot protector and tells everyone that unless we sort ourselves out his race are going to destroy the planet. It looks like this is pretty similar, and from the trailer we can see that Keanu Reeves is playing the alien messenger.

The effects look great, there's the huge globe which may be the spaceship and/or the robot character, and the strange mist that seems to consume everything it touches.

I think this looks really interesting, and rather different. What do you think? Worth a look?



Are you sure this is the trailer for the remake of 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'?

Seriously, I had know idea filming was this advanced. I've thought about remaking it (It's one of my favourite films) many time down the years. Basically I would have kept the story as close as possible to the original.

Typically though, Hollywood has to tinker with something that didn't need tinkering! :-(

Apparently so. I was shocked too that it was so far ahead, especially considering all those effects.

Maybe it's actually very character based and they've raced through those shots since Reeves has no character - I mean on screen in this film of course!

It ran ahead of Hancock without any warning, and all I was thinking was, "Wasn't Morphius the guy with the Smith's and the lie detector thingy-ma-bob?" Of course, after that scene it started looking much better, but the initial impression of the trailer wasn't so hot for me mainly because of Keanu's casting (and I'm normally a fan).


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