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Update: The Dead Outside trailer - Scottish zombies

TheDeadOutside.jpgThe Dead Outside is a new Scottish horror film that sees a neurological pandemic attacking the population and in a remote part of Scotland a desperate man is out looking for some safe haven. He finds it in a seemingly deserted cottage, but he's not alone.

A woman has been surviving there, holed up in the house protecting herself from the dead outside. She has given up, he has not, and when a third stranger arrives they find themselves facing a new enemy, and this one's inside the house.

The Dead Outside does sound really interesting, although it's not really giving that much away, and either is the trailer which you can see right here thanks to Quiet Earth.

Update: Thanks to one of the producers of the film, Kris, I've got a higher quality trailer than the previous. Cheers Kris, watch this one:

What do you think? I can't get enough of Scottish horror films, or any Scottish films to be fair, I just hope that this lives up to the strength of the write up and the trailer.

The film is a low budget horror that, for those in Scotland or familiar with it, was shot in Dumfries and Galloway in March 2008. It was directed by Kerry Anne Mullaney, a former music video director.

Oh, and they are looking for a sales agent to represent them and get the film sold, head over to the official site for more details.

It all looks pretty interesting, and for those of you wanting to see more of it, you'll be excited to know it has a world premiere screening at the Film4 Frightfest on the 25th of August at the Odean West End in London.



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