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The Lost Planet film

LostPlanet.jpgAnother videogame is making the leap to film, and that makes...lots. The latest is Lost Planet, the videogame that sees your character travelling as part of an expedition to an ice planet that contains an energy source that could be the secret to saving mankind.

Of course there's much more to it than that, different races fighting for the same things, secrets galore, mechanised suits for you to fight in, and another race who are trying to wipe out everything on the planet. It's all rather confusing, but playing it means blowing stuff up with cut scenes.

Seriously this game does have more of a story than most, although I still don't for the life of me understand why we aren't seeing Halo, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid or any Tom Clancy game race to the screens, because they have bags of story to them.

However it's not all about that, I think a big part of it is discovering if there's a fan base that isn't fanatical about the game as there is about Halo. I mean changes to the Lost Planet plot might be a hell of a lot easier than changes to a Halo plot.

That aside you can read more about the original game and plot over on Wikipedia. According to Variety the film is currently being adapted by David Hayter, yes the voice of Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and the writer of X-Men, The Scorpion King, X2, Watchmen and look at this, of Metal Gear Solid the film.

Looks like we will see an MGS film soon then, but will Lost Planet make it first? Certainly Hayter would seem a great choice to adapt the films as per the original ideas, I mean he's involved in the gaming industry to a degree and presumably understands it a little more.

The big thing though is he's just adapted Watchmen. Now that's a story that probably has the most fanatic fans associated with it – and don't take that in a bad way, I mean that positively, after all I'm one of them – who would be unforgiving of the merest changes in story.

Now he's written that and Zack Snyder is filming it, and from all accounts it's perhaps the most faithful adaptation of source material in history, and it may well just make all those fans extremely happy.

If he can do it with the Watchmen script he can sure as anything do it with the scripts for Lost Planet and Metal Gear Solid.

My only concern is that Avi Arad is producing the film, and we've heard a number of times that he really likes to get involved in the projects, and there have been rumours that his desires have been the failing of some projects, for example the need to have more villains in Spider-Man 3, and it needs a strong director and writer to stand up to him.

Still, Hayter writing Lost Planet is a strong start, but is this the videogame adaptation we really want to see?



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