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The Talisman short film

TheTalisman.jpgStephen King's The Talisman is being made into a mini-series, or so they say because we've seen nothing of it so far and it was due very soon, but in the meantime there's a director who has gone out and made a little short scene of what his Talisman could be.

Mathieu Ratthe took a short scene from early on in the story and made it into a rather interesting short film, something that the official Talisman mini-series hasn't even been able to do as yet, and that's been going on for years.

However, I wasn't wholly impressed. Sure it has Cameron Bright playing Jack Sawyer, the boy who discovers that he's one of the few people who can jump between parallel worlds. He can leap at will into a world called the Territories, and where most people have a twinner in their opposite world, Jack has none.

He has to travel across the United States to find a Talisman in the Territories and return to save his mother's life and therefore her twinner, who just happens to be the Queen of the Territories.

Anyway, it was a strong star in the lead, but all he gets to show off is how to shout Mum all the time and it feels like most of the scenes just go on that little bit too long. That said there is a strong sense of tension and there are some shock moments.

Have a look at the short which I found through Rope of Silicon and see what you think:



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