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Tr2n aka Tron 2 footage seen

Tron.jpgYes the trailer for a sequel to Tron has been seen, and it's all over the Internet. I caught the news from a site who were at the Comic Con screening and, like most people who were there, were dead excited.

I can't remember which article I read it on, but for me this is probably the most exciting thing I've read from the event's first day. Tron is back, and so is Jeff Bridges.

Yes, Jeff Bridges is taking up his role once again, and this time he sounds like he's a pretty mean man. Could he be the bad guy in this one, or is the trailer just setting him up that way?

"The trailer then cuts to the real world where we see an older Kevin Flynn -- yes, once again played by Jeff Bridges! -- rising to his feet inside of a virtual reality computer room and holding a device in his hand. Bearded and with his longish silvery hair slicked back, Flynn is far more menacing and cold than he ever seemed in the 1982 original.

Cut back to inside the game world where the victorious Light Cyclist's helmet visor flickers open to reveal Flynn's face. His defeated opponent whimpers, 'But it's only a game,' to which Flynn cryptically replies, 'Not anymore.' The trailer then cuts to the sequel's logo: TR2N."

You can read the description of the preceeding light cycle chase over at IGN who have written up what they saw, and it sounds damned exciting.

From what we hear there will be no more footage from Tr2n aka Tron until next year, so I'm dying to see what this trailer looks like. Keep your eyes peeled and drop us a link once you do. Keep checking on here too because we might just catch it in the next few days.



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