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Two Face images leaked online

TwoFace.jpgThere are some images of Two Face from The Dark Knight that have appeared online, and I've done my best to look through them and make sure that they aren't faked, and I have to say they look pretty damn real.

There's a glorious face on shot that shows the effects that have gone into the face, and the actor looks amazing as the next Batman villain.

The images come courtesy of a site looking at the new Dark Knight pinball machine, a rather strange place for them to surface, but surface they have and they do look like screen captures from a screening, but still great quality for the stills.

Before you read any further you might want to consider spoilers. The first thing is if you've never known anything about Two Face and his origins in Batman then you'll definitely want to look away, although I really can't understand how you don't. The second is if you don't want to see your first glimpse of the villain to be.

In them you can see Harvey Dent sitting in hospital with the left side of his face all disfigured, his eyeball almost entirely visible. What's more he's being visited by none other than the Joker, that looks to be the reason he's dressed in a nurses uniform in some of the early shots of him in hospital.

Aaron Eckhart made up as Two Face looks superb, just as I would have imagined him to. Now I don't know how long these images will be up online, but they're worth having a look at to see how great the character will be. Watch out for the reveals though, and I've included a grainy shot here so that I don't give too much away, but the actual photos give a full on shot!

See all of them for a limited time only over at Rotheblog. Looks good doesn't he?



Ooh he does indeed look good Ricahrd. I regret looking at it now though :(


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