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Wachowski's Plastic Man

Wachowskis.jpgThe Wachowski's are, in my opinion, heading for another fall with their next project, Plastic Man. Yes, you heard me right, Plastic Man.

After the poor response of Speed Racer at the box office, a film that on paper and with early marketing seemed to be delivering a rollercoaster ride of an adventure, they're going to make a film about a superhero that can stretch his body like rubber.

Oh dear, I really do think we're heading for a disaster again, and I think I'm beginning to see a pattern, the silly ideas.

Okay, Speed Racer seemed like a totally bankable film with the successful comic and cartoon series behind it, but it was a little daft and a little childish, and this seems even more so. In a time when we're arguing about the possible direction and the failure of the biggest and best known superhero of all time, Superman, the Wachowski's are looking to make a Superhero film about a man made of plastic.

You know it's interesting that the strongest of the Wachowski films are their first and second, Bound and The Matrix, after that their films begin to falter. So should they perhaps be looking at something more adult and thriller or science fiction based once again, and not something so over the top and so cartoony?

Screenrush have the story that the Wachowski's are looking to bring the story of Eels O'Brien, the Plastic Man, to the big screen. Personally I think that's a terrible mood and they should be looking back to the two films that made them.



"...they should be looking back to the two films that made them."

That's the difference between Joe Public and the Wachowskis Brothers - you're all busy "looking back" while the Wachowskis are busy moving forwards.

The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions constitute the most daring and groundbreaking work of cinematic science fiction since Blade Runner. Speed Racer was an emotionally sincere and visually inspiring thrill ride that marks the beginning of a new breed of filmmaking. And their script for V for Vendetta is the best adaptation ever made from an Alan Moore graphic novel; capturing the essence and all that was best about the source material whilst also making it work within the context of a two hour film.

So when the Wachowski Brothers decide they want to do a comedic adaptation of Plastic Man - something they've been working on for longer than The Matrix - it means I sit up and take notice. Personally, I can't wait to see what they do next.


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