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Wanted trilogy?

Wanted_Still.jpgIt's no surprise really that the studio would want to capitalise on the success of Wanted and produce a sequel, and perhaps it's no surprise that they would consider a trilogy. However what is surprising is the lacklustre storyline that they're considering and the actors that are being banded around for the films.

Now beware, there are going to be spoilers in this for those that haven't seen Wanted, so if you don't want to know a few very important details about the film, turn away now.

First up the plan is to take Wanted around the world and have the lead character of Wesley Gibbons, played by the excellent James McAvoy, heading off to other countries doing exactly the same thing again, destroying another team of assassins, another Fraternity group.

Here's where the big spoilers really kick in, so if you don't want to know step back away from the screen, there is plenty to see here.

This is starting to sound like an anti-Terrorist film already, however the analogy isn't the issue I have with the idea, it's that it's just the same idea as the first film. Apparently the plot will be that he's killing more Fraternity groups that have ignored the looms of fate and are killing whomever they want for personal, and probably monetary, gain.

That doesn't sound overly exciting now does it? Well it doesn't to me. It is just the exact same story again.

However there are a few new things, Wesley teams up with Pekwarsky, played by Terence Stamp, and he follows his loom – obviously he's assuming that this guy is reading the woven fibres correctly – and he'll find out more about his father and how his entire family has been in the Fraternity for generations. Wow, not much of a revelation there. He'll probably find out that Pekwarsky is is Grandad or something.

Anyway, there's also going to show the man who recruited and trained Fox, played by Angelina Jolie, and since she's stone cold dead in this film that would explain why the source through Cinema Blend is revealing that both Jolie and Morgan Freeman would be back, flashbacks.

So far though I would take this with a pinch of salt. Sure it's pretty certain they'll look to sequels, and from what we've heard from the stars they wouldn't mind coming back to the series, but couldn't there be a better story here than just more of the same?

I do think that some of those big names might be thinking that very thing if this plot is pitched to them and perhaps Timur Bekmambetov might complete a trilogy.

Can you see another Wanted happening, and if so is there a better plot to be had than this?



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