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Where's Dark City Directors Cut?

DarkCityDirectorsCut.jpgWe've all been waiting patiently for Alex Proyas' Director's Cut of Dark City, that excellent film which Proyas himself has said that he's never quite been happy with.

Well for a long time now we've been hearing that he's preparing a version of the film that he really is happy with, and through a story I missed last month, it seems he's ready to release it. Almost.

Thanks to C. on a previous article about the Dark City Director's Cut release, I've found an interview with Alex Proyas talking about that very same DVD.

“It’s all done and everything is finished. It has a bunch of different programs we put together. The film itself is about 15 to 16 minutes longer than the original theatrical cut.”

Over at Twitch they have an interview with the man himself talking about the new DVD release and he has some interesting revelations. Roger Ebert is the man responsible for releasing the information about the DVD well before Proyas was ready. He was doing an audio commentary for the new version and he revealed all about it. Since then Proyas has been hounded about it.

However he believes that's good a thing:

“I even had one guy come on my website and abuse me because he promised someone a Christmas present and he didn’t know what to get them and it was all my fault. Even though I don’t think I deserved that abuse I do think some people are very passionate about films and I took that as a positive.”

That's the uber-fan for you, self obsessed and extremely selfish. Yeah but come on Proyas, where's the film already? Well there's nothing said about that, but he does talk about the new cut:

“The general pace of the movie is quite different. The director’s cut more or less is the version I had originally sent out when I was first testing the movie. We had problems in testing and it’s why the studio had us add in the voice overs, which I thought was rubbish really! My instinct then was when something wasn’t playing right to speed it up and I’ve never been happy with that, so this version is back to a more leisurely and thoughtful pace it was meant to be. The voice over from the beginning is gone of course. There is also a few scenes added back that were ditched that I think are perfectly good scenes and I have no idea why we dropped them then.

I’m really happy with it! You’re allowed into the world more and you have more time with its characters. Literally almost every scene has another line of dialogue or stuff at the beginning or end. Some people may not notice a difference, but I think you should still feel a difference. I like it a lot more than the theatrical cut.”

That's enough for me, sounds superb, and considering I love the original so much I wonder how different this version is going to feel. For those of you who haven't seen the original it's a superb story of a man who wakes up not sure where he is or why he's there, and slowly memories come back that he doesn't think are his. A mysterious doctor appears and blows his world apart...and that's all I'm prepared to tell you, believe me though, it's superb.

That story was exactly a month ago, I don't mean to sound like a self obsessed uber-fan, but when are we getting the DVD release?

Well I can tell you that too, July 29th 2008 on standard DVD and Blu-ray, fantastic. Here are the links:

Buy or Rent from LOVEFiLM
Buy from Play.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com
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