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Raimi says Yes to Evil Dead 4

SamRaimi.jpgNot so long ago Bruce Campbell talked about how he would like to do another Evil Dead film. He was only interested if Sam Raimi was on board as well though. Now Sam Raimi has been asked if he thinks he will do another film, and he says yes.

Sounds like we are inching closer to another Evil Dead film.

Sam Raimi was asked at Comic Con about the chances of another Evil Dead film being made, and if he thought it was likely to happen. He told MTV Movies Blog:

Yes. For the few weirdoes that see the Evil Dead movies - and it’s not a very big crowd if you ever look at those numbers, but they’re very dedicated. I’d love to make another Evil Dead picture...If the financing ever fell in place right. But first, I’d have to work on the script with my brother [Ivan Raimi]. And that’s something I’m hoping to find the time to do.

There we go then. Sounds like it's a definite possibility, and he could be working on a script soon. I'm with Bruce Campbell, without Raimi I wouldn't be interested in another Evil Dead film. Are you excited about the prospect of another Evil Dead film? Or should they be left alone?



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