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Possible X-Files 3?

X-Files.jpgThere are a couple of interviews online with the stars of The X-Files: I Want to Believe's David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and both reveal a couple of interesting things.

Perhaps the biggest reveal is that they are both talking about how the film leaves “possibilities” for them, and yet in another interview Anderson's words sound a little less encouraging.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe comes after a very long six year wait, something which is explained by the creator Chris Carter in the interview on The Guardian site. He says that Fox approached them just a year after the series ended to work on the film, which they did, and even had a script ready.

However he says that there were legal problems with contracts from the television show which delayed the film from going any further forward.

Carter also talks about the chemistry that he loves between the two actors on screen and mentions that the X-Files family can sometimes, like any other family, be a dysfunctional one.

Gillian Anderson says, and David Duchovny agrees, that this was perhaps the right time or another X-Files film and any earlier maybe wouldn't have worked.

"It leaves us with endless possibilities for the future if that's something that we end up being able to participate in."

While Duchovny nods and says "yeah, yeah" as she speaks.

It's an interesting, albeit very short interview, that's doing the media rounds just now, and it does seem that the two lead actors would be open to doing another X-Files film, of course that could just be the marketing department talking, because watching their body chemistry at that point is rather interesting.

Then there's the written interview with Gillian Anderson over at Reuters. When she was asked why she did six years of everything but Scully, she said:

"Nine years is a long time when you are doing something every single day and I didn't get into this business to play Scully. My goal was to do as wide a range of things as possible. So it was just following through with what my original intention was, but it was delayed for a decade."

The follow-up question was if she felt she could every put the character of Scully behind her, to which she said:

"I don't know, we'll see. I've tried pretty hard over the last few years and done a slew of different things. It's always something that's going to be the first on the list in terms of things that people refer to, and that's just the truth."

Then she is asked how it feels to be part of a 'huge cultural phenomenon', to which she less than excitedly replies:

"I'm not a television watcher and I've never gotten into appointment television watching, so the lowest part of that scenario is not something I'm familiar with. The idea that you would look it up online or that you become so invested in characters kind of boggles my mind. I appreciate that it's important for other people, and whatever gets people off is fine by me. It's more of something that I can observe."

Ooh, even on tapped out words on screen that seems sexy, but then that's the actress for you who just seems to be getting better and better on screen, and I mean that away from Scully.

Her comments in the Reuters interview do sound less than enthusiastic than the ones in the other one don't they? Is she really that keen to do another X-Files film after she reveals all that?

Frankly I'm not so sure, although like many actors and actresses, she might return to the money earner to fund her other projects.

Projects like The Speed of Light which will be her first directing experience outside of the one episode on the X-Files which she also wrote. It's being developed right now and is based on the novel by Elizabeth Rosner.

So I'm not sure, on the one hand the press tour for The X-Files: I Want to Believe makes it sound like there could be more, and then on the other Anderson doesn't sound sold on the franchise herself. What do you believe?



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