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Across the Hall trailer online

BrittanyMurphy.jpgI never noticed anything about this film before, but the trailer has me interested. Sure it's a little bit rough and could probably do with another edit, but it looks like it could be a pretty powerful thriller.

The film is directed by Alex Merkin from a story that he filmed in 2005 as a short film under the same title. That was written by Julien Schwab, Jesse Mittelstadt and Kris Johnson with the story from Merkin, and this feature length version sees Schwab and Mittelstadt write the feature.

One of the stars of the original short film was Adrian Grenier, star of Entourage, the feature length version only sees Natalie Smyka return playing the same role of Anna. Joining her are a couple of more well known names, Brittany Murphy, Brad Greenquist and Mike Vogel.

The film tells the story of a man who heads to the aide of his best friend as he follows his fiancée to a motel, convinced that she's having an affair behind his friend's back. He goes there with his friend's gun and when he calls him to tell him of his plans, his friend races there to try and stop him.

Across the Hall, the original short film, looks like it was received pretty well and had some positive comments about the style and story. I wonder if they'll manage to translate that to the feature?

The trailer for Across the Hall looks pretty good, although there are plenty of shots I just don't understand why they're there and what they are trying to tell us, which in the grand scheme of things is probably better than knowing too much going into the film.

Have a look and see what you think, could this be a little surprise? The trailer comes through Aceshowbiz:



Never heard of this movie either but the trailer has done its job of making me intrigued.

Looks more like a straight to DVD film to me :-|

Yeah it could go that way, or it could be a neat little thriller. It does have a little air of films such as Captivity in it.


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