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Appaloosa trailer online

EdHarris.jpgThe trailer for Appaloosa, the dramatic western directed by and starring Ed Harris who also co-wrote the screenplay from Robert Parker's novel, has arrived online, and it's looking very strong.

Not only that, but it's looking a lot like two other films. Wyatt Earp and Tombstone in tone, dialogue and the plot direction.

Well, it's true from the trailer at least, remember the film may be somewhat different, trailers can be cut any number of ways. I do like the dramatic music playing over the top which doesn't quite feel right and just puts you off kilter while watching it, and there's the strong performances and bond between Ed Harris and the other leading man Viggo Mortensen.

What I also like is that Jeremy Irons is playing the bad guy, and he's great at playing bad guys. Lance Henriksen and Renée Zellweger also make notable appearances in the trailer which delivers some strong moments of drama rather than key moments of action. It all builds up to what promises to be a big gunfight, OK Corral style.

So what do you think then? You have to admit it really does carry a lot of the same feel as the Wyatt Earp and Tombstone films, but you know that there's going to be something special with the great actors of Harris and Mortensen in there, especially as they both command the screen so well together.



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