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Assassination conspiracy novels make film

DennisFarina.jpgI'd never heard of Johnny Rosselli until this article appeared, but Lamar Waldron has and has written about the man in his books which tie together so many conspiracies including the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Apparently Rosselli was involved in Hollywood, the mob, and the CIA with strong connections to these assassinations, in fact he may even have been one of the men who shot JFK. Now Waldron's books are being adapted for the big screen.

The two books are Ultimate Sacrifice and Legacy of Secrecy and Hollywood has taken hold of the first book in order to bring the story of Johnny Rosselli through Lamar Waldron's words to film audiences.

When I first read this in Variety I thought there might be some connection with the character in JFK that Tommy Lee Jones played, even visually, however I'm not so sure this is the case.

What's more is that the excellent natural actor Dennis Farina is set to take up the role of the mobster and potential assassin Johnny Rosselli.

Stephen Kronish is set to write the story of Rosselli which will use the first book as source material. Kronish is an extensive television writer having worked most recently on 24.

Then there's Dennis Farina, a superb actor who has bags of charisma on screen, and finally the whole conspiracy theory element thrown in there of not just one assassination conspiracy but three, and there's his alleged involvement in the assassination attempts on Fidel Castro.



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