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A-Team moving forward?

TyreseGibson.jpgHow many times have I written something like that? Well I could probably count them for you. Breaking news of the A-Team film was the first film story I ever wrote on the Internet (contrary to whatever is against that article nowadays, I wrote it), and unbelievably it's still going. The A-Team is one of those projects that just may never happen.

However it has John Singleton attached to direct and now Tyrese Gibson has confirmed that he's on board and ready to go with the film. The big question is who is he going to be playing?

During Comic-Con he was asked outright about the rumours that he was going to be starring in The A-Team film:

“Yes sir. Soon as that script come back in and they tweak that thing out, we gonna go ahead and get movin'.”

Then Latino Review bring up a good point, who's he going to play? There are one of two big changes coming if Tyrese Gibson is cast. First B.A. Baracus is going to be lean, mean and as intimidating as ever, or we could be seeing Face aka Templeton Peck, changing race.

To be honest I'm not that concerned about either change, but I think the best choice would be to update the B.A. character, don't you? After all trying to recreate the character identically with someone like Ice Cube might just be a little twee.



I remember when they brought out the the Starkey and Hutch Film, they made it differant because I thought it was more of a comadey Thats just my oppionin so I think it worked because they didn't thy to copy the original characters.

If they bring out a film about the A.Team I hope they don't try to copy the characters too much.


I think if they try and copy the original too much I fear they'll end up with a bit of a fan backlash.

It has to be a new update, but then I think it'll end up looking like The Losers too much.


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