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Babylon A.D. six clips online

BabylonAD.jpgSix clips have appeared online for Babylon A.D., the new film from Mathieu Kassovitz, adapted from the Maurice G. Dantec novel.

The clips are right here on Filmstalker and look pretty interesting. I think what I'm most impressed about these Babylon A.D. clips was that it isn't complete action and fighting all the way and the majority of the clips are slower paced.

Babylon A.D. sees Vin Diesel playing Toorop, a man hired to escort a lady from Russia to China. She is carrying an organism inside her that a cult believe can be used to create a genetically modified Messiah, and so they are chased at every turn. Alongside the woman, played by Mélanie Thierry, is Sister Rebecca who is played by the wonderful Michelle Yeoh, her carer and protector.

There's a host of other stars in it, and some great and talented actors and actresses too, another reason that makes you think that this film could be a little more than at first thought.

The clips come from French Premiere through the hardworking guys at HorrorMovies.ca:



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