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Bana directing car documentary

EricBana.jpgEric Bana has directed a rather unusual documentary, one that took two years to shoot and apparently was surprisingly emotional journey, especially when you consider what the documentary was about, his car.

The film is called Love the Beast and examines his twenty-five year love for a 1974 Ford Falcon Coupe. It's his first directorial outing, and although it's a strange one, it has me excited.

I'm a huge car fan anyway, and hearing about the car and that Eric Bana is behind it has me extra interested.

Through Variety we hear that the film explores the importance of friends, of hobbies and what it means to live life to the full. It includes appearances from a diverse number of people from Dr. Phil to Jeremy Clarkson, a fair mix indeed.

However the star, as Clarkson would say, is the car, and that should be remembered.

I really hope we get to see Love the Beast, I can't imagine where he's gone with this documentary considering that brief write up, but he must be looking further than just his car, and that could prove interesting. It may not just be for us car nuts.



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