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Beating The Dark Knight

TheDarkKnight.jpgEvery film release that vaguely sniffs at decent box office takings the media are screaming out about “will it beat The Dark Knight?”. Well firstly who cares, apart from those earning money from them who don't want to see it drop out of the press with all that free advertising, and secondly so what if it does? What does it prove?

It seems that people are fixated with it just now, and the very first film that beats it in box office figures is going to make history. Frankly, that's rubbish.

To me it reeks of marketing disguised as news. Look at it logically, the more days a film plays, the more people have seen it, therefore the less people go to see it. So after a good few weeks a film is most likely on the decline with viewing figures. It's like a bell curve graph, you know the one that starts off small, rises up to the top, then drops down again, like an upturned bell.

Where the figures start on that bell depends on the popularity of the film, as does how long that top plateau keeps going for, however it will come down, that's reality. At some point everyone who wants to see the film in the cinema will have seen it.

So as a film's box office success comes down that right hand side of the curve, other new releases on those days are starting their upward turn on their curve.

I don't understand what the big excitement is about what film will be the one to overtake The Dark Knight as the most popular that weekend, because one film will, whatever it is, and it doesn't have to be good, because The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) is on the decline side of that curve and every other movie is on the beginning, no matter how short their bell curve is.

The questions that shows any interest are how long is it staying number one, and is it going to beat previous records, but even then, does that prove anything? If it beats Titanic for the number one slot what does that say about the film? That it made the most money.

Can we honestly compare Titanic to The Dark Knight? If we're talking about beating Batman in the cinema, can we honestly compare The Dark Knight to Pineapple Express or The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2?



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