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Billy Bob Thornton for Elm Street ?

FreddyKruger.jpgMichael Bay's production company is producing a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. And now a rumour has appeared about a potential replacement as Freddy Krueger. It's none other than Billy Bob Thornton.

I'm still dubious about a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, Thornton might just work though.

The original Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund was quoted on a radio show talking about the last rumour he had heard on casting for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. He says Billy Bob Thornton was the name rumoured to be in line to play Krueger. The news comes from Jo Blo.

Apparently Englund isn't against the idea of being replaced, or the idea of the film being remade. I can't say I'm overly excited. What about you, are you looking forward to the remake? Do you reckon Thornton would be a good choice



I honestly can't see Thornton taking the role on in a month of Sundays. I think Englund, as always, is fuelling the rumour mill either for fun or to keep the media talking about him and the Elm Street films.


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