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Carpenter and Cage are scared

JohnCarpenter.jpgIn fact the combination is scaring me too. Nicolas Cage and John Carpenter are in final negotiations to star and direct a prison thriller called Scared Straight. In case you're wondering that's respectively, Carpenter will direct and Cage will star.

The film seems to contain whiffs of Con Air, and seems like comfortable territory for Cage. Perhaps Carpenter can produce something special, and maybe even give us something more from Cage rather than his recent performances.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film tells the story of a "troubled youth", that means a young person who's broken the law, not troubled, but a criminal. Anyway he's taken into a new program called Scared Straight, where petty criminals are put in with hardened lifers for some real jail time to see what their lives could be like if they keep breaking laws.

Well, either that or it will give him a great education in how to become a bigger and better criminal and how not to be caught!

While he's doing his short stint the prison erupts in a riot and he's taken hostage. Nicolas Cage is playing a lifer who decides to help out, probably something to do with a fluffy bunny and a letter from his kid or some rubbish like that.

Rob Cohen was attached to direct the film, which tells us even more, action, action, action. It is like a Con Air story, just without the flying! It does sound a little easy for John Carpenter to be honest, nothing really special about the story unless he starts changing things and adding some darker flair. Then again, maybe Nicolas Cage will just ruin it.



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