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Clips 'n' Pics: Watchmen, Harry Potter, Seed and Tropic Thunder

HarryPotter.jpgPlenty to keep you going here with interesting updates across the Interflab for Watchmen, Harry Potter the Half-Blood Prince, Seed and Tropic Thunder.

There are some news stills online for the upcoming Watchmen which is looking better and better.

Then there are some new photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, some key scene photos at that.

There's the new trailer for Uwe Boll's Seed, which tries to shock, and I've uncovered a double behind the scenes for Tropic Thunder.

You can see the majority of the pictures over at other sites, while I've managed to grab the video embedded, the main reason for this is that the other sites are where I found the pictures, or found them through, and unlike a number of other sites on the Interflab a bit of honesty and respect goes a long way. Not that they reciprocate these days. Anyway, onto the exciting stuff.

The new photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince show some interesting moments from the new film, if you're familiar with the story, especially one key moment for Snape. You can see them over at /Film.

Some new character shots appear over on SciFi Wire for Watchmen, a film that is just growing and growing in expectation day by day, and so far nothing is stepping that expectation back. Let's hope when we finally get to see it we aren't expecting that little bit too much.

Then there's two videos of behind the scenes footage from Tropic Thunder, of course be aware that these are really rough and raw footage, however there are some cool moments to be seen in the film, and it all ends with a very surprising role from Jack Black.

Finally there's Uwe Boll's Seed trailer. It's rated R for...oh no I can't say that word it'll upset someone even though it's clearly not the intention nor the context. No I'll skip that one.

Suffice to say that the trailer found through Bloody Disgusting is pretty much going for straight up shock value and without the titles appearing to tell you the story you'd think it was a video for the real CSI or something, showing the decomposition of bodies on a body farm. Here's the clip.



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