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Columbus to direct Robert F. Kennedy film

RobertFKennedy.jpgWell we've had numerous films about John F. Kennedy while his brother Robert F. Kennedy, or Bobby, has not had the same exposure. That looks about to change as Chris Columbus is announced as directing a film about his presidential campaign.

The film will be based on the book The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America by Thurston Clarke which looks at the campaign run by Kennedy.

According to Variety through Coming Soon the story will focus on his idealistic campaign which was built around fighting poverty, racism and ending the Vietnam war.

One of the key moments that seems to be picked up on early in the pre-production is the fact that despite his brother's assassination that he decided not to overly protect himself and to make himself accessible to the crowds.

This was something that was very apparent on the day that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and Robert F. Kennedy was due to speak in public, he did, and of that moment Michael Barnathan, one of the producers of the film, said:

"He refused to call it off, or surround himself with police…Most of that crowd learned of Dr. King's murder from him, and he gave a moving off-the-cuff speech. Here, the second hero of his life had been murdered, and rather than crawl behind bulletproof glass, he stood tall"

That sums up how the film looks to be set to portray Robert F. Kennedy, and it could well propel him forward into the Hollywood spotlight as his brother's life has been.

The question is what Chris Columbus is going to do with this film. Certainly he can bring sentimentality, but looking at his previous films I'm not sure how we'll see this go, wether it will connect the audience with Kennedy, make it a little bit overly romantic, or present it in a documentary style.



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