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Crowe as Bill Hicks?

BillHicks.jpgFirst of all it's great news that there sounds as though there could be a Bill Hicks film, one of the most insightful and truly funny comedians I've seen in a long time, but add to that the possibility that Russell Crowe could be playing him in a biographical film and you have me hooked.

Sure Crowe looks like him, but there's a similar simmering anger behind those eyes, and they really could match up together well.

Well the news of the biographical film comes right from the actor himself as Russell Crowe comments through the Sydney Morning Herald and /Film:

“I have another project based on the life of comedian Bill Hicks, which is going from treatment to draft stage with Kiwi writer Mark Staufer.”

That does sound like the project is taking positive steps forward. However part of me wonders if I want to see behind the comedian that I've seen on screen because his persona is just so damned funny and clever to boot.

Bill Hicks died at the age of 32 from cancer, and he went through his life fighting drug and alcohol addictions. His stage shows were as much social commentary and philosophy as they were funny, and he was superb.

What will be interesting is if Crowe does take the leading role, if he can carry off the slick comedy timing required for the role. I wonder if he'll do some stand up himself beforehand, maybe even record some of his most famous monologues in front of audiences for real effect? They are all things I can see him doing, and I really do hope that the project moves forward and we see Russell Crowe as Bill Hicks.



I'd love to see this film. If done properly it'd introduce Hicks to a wider audience than he ever had as a comedian, at least in the US where he was largely ignored. Gosh I miss Bill, and Carrot-top is still working. There's no justice...

Hang on! Bill Hicks didn't battle drug and alcohol addiction. In fact part of his act was based on the fact that he took drugs and "Laughed his ass off. Didn't rob anyone, didn't rape anyone, didn't loose any jobs". What he battled against was US indifference, he just happened to be high occasionally. I hope they don't play up that aspect because Belushi he wasn't.

Didn't he clean up in his latter days? Perhaps it's a way of trying to make the story appeal to the masses? Troubled comic plagued by demons?


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