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Cruise in Anthony Zimmer remake?

TomCruise.jpgTom Cruise is looking to lead The Tourist, the remake of the 2005 French thriller Anthony Zimmer. While Valkyrie gets moved around the release schedule and we wait to see him play a German war hero who fought a battle against Hitler from inside his ranks, we hear that he may be continuing his spy type roles.

It's interesting considering it's just been announced that Angelina Jolie has taken up the lead of another spy film Edwin A. Salt that Cruise was due to take. With so many spy thrillers on the slate I guess you can have your choice.

The Tourist is to be written by Julian Fellowes, a great writer and someone who really does produce strong stories with great characterisation and dialogue, so already we're looking good for the project.

The original film Anthony Zimmer has a superb premise, much more interesting than the blurb from Variety would suggest. Anthony Zimmer is a man who launders illegal money out of France, however he's being closely tracked by police and so he's had extensive plastic surgery and has a new face and new voice, now he's completely gone to the intelligence community and the mobsters who also want their hands on him.

However they have a plan, they're tracking his mistress who is the only link to him. However she's in on another plan. Having found an innocent man who looks very much like Zimmer, she latches onto him and uses him to throw the trailing groups off Zimmer's scent. Now this innocent man is being tracked by everyone from Interpol to professional Russian killers.

Now that sounds interesting. It's got some great twists in there and with Fellowes adapting the script I'm even more interested – did you know he's writing a script for a film called Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell?

So add in Tom Cruise to the mix and I think we're going to get a powerful film. However there's two ways it can go for his character, they can make him the innocent or one of protagonists.

Personally I'd like to see him as a protagonist, either one of those chasing him or Zimmer himself, however there are a couple of things that might attract me to the idea of him playing the innocent. One is if this turns into a Hitchcock style thriller, then he could take up the typical Hitchcock leading man role really well, or if there's a few twists in store for the character.

What I wouldn't like to see is Cruise just pick up and play a similar character to the one we've seen before and find him walking the role, that's the Cruise performance that I don't find that interesting.



I would like to send you (Richard Brunton) a highly critical short piece I wrote about the 2005 Anthony Zimmer film with the title: "Assault on Logic: Anthony Zimmer's plot is, literally, unbelievable". (as a Word file).

How can I send it to you? If you are interested, of course.

Arturo Sangalli
Quebec, Canada


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