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Cruise in Tropic Thunder footage

TomCruise.jpgFootage of Tom Cruise's role in Tropic Thunder has appeared online, and while I can understand the mechanics of the humour behind it, I just don't find it funny.

It seems to miss all the beats and doesn't really take advantage of making Tom Cruise something different for me. In fact I think it plays up a little to how the audience perhaps perceive him in real life and is possibly doing him an injustice.

I really didn't laugh at all, not even a giggle. It's strange though, watching the footage I could see where they were setting up the jokes, how they were build, all the behind the scenes if you will. However they just didn't work.

There's something about the humour that just goes too slowly and drags on, holding onto an idea too long for me. I think that's why it doesn't work.

Of course there's also the thing to consider that this sequence is totally out of context too, so maybe in context it's funny. Maybe.

It's strange because there's so much they could do so much with Tom Cruise in a comic role, my guess, and hope, is that it is out of context and there are other scenes that take advantage of the unique casting moment.

Have a look and see what you think of the apparently leaked footage of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.



I have to agree Richard, that wasn't funny at all. I wanted the scene to be over. Maybe if it was intercut with another scene it wouldn't be too bad.

It just made me realize more that Tom Cruise isn't really a good actor. I'm still sitting knowing that's Tom Cruise I'm watching (and I'm not referring to the make up).

This is ridiculous, you're basing your opinion on one scene when you haven't watched the film? That's like reading one chapter of a book and declaring that it sucks. I can't stand Tom Cruise the person because he's a nutjob, but his scenes in this film are hysterical and fit right in with the vibe of the movie. Don't judge a book by it's cover indeed.

Well Jeff you obviously stopped reading half way through the article, perhaps you should have read the lot?

I did read the whole article. My question is, why bother even creating such a post when you yourself even note that you might have to see the whole movie to enjoy it? It's pointless and sloppy journalism.

Why? Well it's my point of view and a very valid one, the clip isn't funny at all, fact.

It's also to let people see the clip as well as open discussion.

When I see the film I'll be sure and give an honest review as to whether that makes me laugh or not.

Clips are released by studios, whether they say "leaked" or not, and they're there to create hype, for marketing, and get people interested, if they release a non-funny clip for a comedy, that's not a good sign.

It's not a valid point of view if you haven't seen the movie. In fact, this is a huge spoiler because his cameo in the film is unannounced.

It certainly is a valid point of view because I've just watched the clip, of course it's valid. My viewpoint of the clip would not be valid if I hadn't watched it, but I have.

Spoiler? I take it you've not read anything about Tropic Thunder from the moment it was announced until you read this very story? The news about the cameo has been out and about for ages.

Saw Tropic Thunder on Sunday (at the BFI Movie-Con) and rest assured that in the context of the film this clip is funny.

Cruise manages to be hilarious in the whole film and he even convinced me that he actually must have quite a good sense of humour.

Well I'm with Richard on this. That clip was not funny at all! I'm sure the film is though (I laughed at the trailer).

Good point, I laughed at the trailer, am I supposed to ignore that and not comment on it? Or is that okay for me to comment because I laughed and liked it?

I think for me it's Robert Downey Jr. that's the draw.

Was it really Cruise that was the problem in that clip, or was it the 3rd guy? Maybe it's just me, but that guy bugs me....a lot.

Like Richard said, this whole movie's draw is Downey. I'll be tolerating the other big name comedians just to see his performance.

I have also seen the movie and not only is the whole movie funny but Tom Cruise is very funny in it too, I didnt even know he was in the movie which made it even better when you realise its him and everyone else in the cinema was laughing as well.

Hmmm, well I suppose it's like catching a joke half way through.

I gotta agree, Richard -- the clip with Tom Cruise just wasn't amusing at all. Still booking my tickets to see this at the movies though. Cheers!

Achhhhh!!! Too late Simone!


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