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Death Race Red Band trailer and extended behind the scenes

DeathRace.jpgTalking of death slides, there's a new trailer online for Death Race online - like that one? - and it's looking quite mean. Actually I have to say that this one looks rather fun and does build up the story a bit more. Not only is there the trailer but there's a fair amount of behind the scenes footage to see as well, right here on Filmstalker.

It looks pretty interesting, but I'm still wondering if this is going to be a good Paul W.S. Anderson film, from accounts so far it's not, and yet the trailer says it has something. Have a look at this red band trailer which features gore as well as swearing.

Not only do I have the red band trailer for Death Race, but I also have some behind the scenes footage that shows off the film, the actors and some of the excellent stunts. There's one that stands out in particular, see what they do with that truck on part II about three minutes fifty seconds, it's unbelievable, the back of the truck just flies.

This is what they've been saying about practical effects on Death Race, they wanted to keep it practical as much as possible, and they've done just that, it looks great.

I imagine though this is a check your brain in at the ticket office film. What do you think? Here's the behind the scenes.



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