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Death Race sequel and Spy Hunter dead?

Spyhunter.jpgSpy Hunter may have lost another director, and it's not really that big a loss to be honest. We did hear that John Woo was off the project some time ago, and I really do think that was a loss, and when we heard Paul W.S. Anderson was on the project then hope for a big film was fading.

Well now it seems that Anderson may be off the project now, and I think that may be a good thing, not so much because of Anderson, but because of the film itself.

I mean what is Spy Hunter really? There's not much depth to the game and the story, it's a guy with a car that does some cool James Bond type stuff and he goes and blows everything else up. Sure there's some blurb written behind that, but there's nothing else to the game above that, not the one I remember playing anyway.

Do you really want a Spy Hunter film? Is there really that much more there to explore?

Speaking over at Latino Review through Coming Soon Paul W.S. Anderson had this to say when asked about making Spy Hunter and if Death Race was good preparation for the car heavy film:

"...I don't know if I'll ever do another car movie after this, because I really feel like we pushed it to the max and the only other car movie I'll do is maybe a sequel to this, knock on wood, if this movie does well enough to deserve that, I really think we've kind of raised the bar when it comes to car action….we've done everything practical, we've done spectacular stunts, we've kept it R rated, really hard, we've had the actors do a lot of their own driving, so you know, I think we've really maxed our car movie, so I think we've laid down a challenge to any one else, I think we're now the movie to beat."

Reading that you wouldn't be forgiven for thinking that he's not doing Spy Hunter, and really I wouldn't bother. After seeing some of the spectacular action in Death Race, especially that big tanker crash to rival the one in The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) I would be thinking that it would be more of the same for me.

Plus he has Man with the Football announced, the film that shows a terrorist attack intent on collecting the President's nuclear football, the suitcase that contains the codes and equipment that would allow a nuclear attack to be initiated, and Castlevania, another weak plotted videogame.

The strongest comments in there though are that he wants to do the Death Race sequel, and if it does well he probably will, after all Resident Evil did well enough to see a couple of sequels, why not Death Race?

If you remember back he also spoke about how this is not a remake but a look back to see how the original race began, so there is scope to develop it into the bigger, open country race that the original film showed, rather than the enclosed Running Man type race we see today.



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