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Diesel to play supervillain?

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgVin Diesel is cool, and he has talent. I'm not scared to say that as I've seen Strays (Filmstalker review) and it's pretty surprising that he wrote, directed and co-produced the film. Well he's been talking about what's next, and apart from the two possible outings for Riddick he reveals that he may be holding out for a superhero role.

Scratch that, a supervillain. In fact there's one in particular that he's after, he just won't tell us, we're going to have to guess.

In an interview glossing over various of his films he gets asked by MTV about how close he's come to playing superhero characters already, characters like Daredevil and Hellboy, and they ask why he hasn't yet. It's because he's waiting for something in particular:

“I've been holding out, and the reason why is because I am waiting to do a film where the protagonist is the villain. I'm kind of done with the Marvel hero. What would be exciting to me – and nobody has come to me with this yet – is a film about a villain that we're familiar with in Marvel and showing [his] complexities.”

Well that could be taken a number of ways, perhaps he's just hoping that someone will come out with a role like that for Vin Diesel, or perhaps there really is a story out there for him – can anyone think of a comic character that fits the bill?

I've certainly read a few stories where he could fit in with an ensemble well, but I can't think of a single villain on his own that he'd fit...Lex Luthor? No, far too obvious.



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