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Update: Directing change on TinTin?

StevenSpielberg.jpgThis is a rather odd story, but a short while ago a story appeared in one of the trade sites that stated Peter Jackson was taking over from Steven Spielberg on directing duties for the first in the Tintin trilogy of films.

Then, as if it was being retracted for being inaccurate or perhaps breaking a story too early, it disappeared and was left as a rumour to race across the Interflab, and so it is.

Could Steven Spielberg be off of the first of the Tintin films? Well he could well be, just recently we heard that he had to leave Chicago 7 due to other commitments , and what were those commitments? Well, Tintin of course.

So if he left that film for Tintin it really makes no sense that he would be dropping the first film to let Peter Jackson in, unless he was swapping films with him to direct the second, you see it was intended that Spielberg would direct the first, Jackson the second, and they would co-direct the last.

It's a bit of a strange one, and if I was to put money on it I'd go first with a mistake on the part of The Hollywood Reporter, through /Film, or Spielberg and Jackson are swapping films due to more scheduling conflicts on his busy slate.

Quick update, The Hollywood Reporter has updated their story and it now seems as though Herge Studios had thought that Spielberg was off the first film and Jackson was directing it.

However both the Jackson and Spielberg spokespeople have leapt in and stated that Spielberg is still on for the first film. So panic over, but why would they think that? Hey, at least it's some free press for them all!

Update: It's a little unclear now what's actually going on. The Hollywood Reporter quickly turned around their story last night, but Yahoo News cites Reuters and The Hollywood Reporter for their story which says Spielberg will only be indirectly involved in filming the first film.

That first film, by the way, is based on two books, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure.

Strange that they still have the uncorrected story, surely that must just be an oversight.



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