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Director still on Punisher: War Zone?

LexiAlexander.jpgFollowing a no show at Comic Con, a rumour spread that Lexi Alexander had been dropped from Punisher: War Zone. Well the next rumour says that this isn't the case at all. Confused? Me too.

This could be a bad sign. If a film has to resort to these stunts to drum up publicity. What ever happened to showing a dozen trailers for it, and releasing some interviews?

After saying that Lexi Alexander had missed Comic Con as she was on honeymoon, it was rumoured that she had left Punisher: War Zone. And also that Lionsgate had started making changes, including sacking the composer and fiddling with the soundtrack. Nothing had been confirmed to say that Alexander was definitely off the film though.

Now Chud through Cinematical say that she may still be on the project after all. They say they have spoken to someone close to the film about Alexander's position. They say that most of the drama is made up, and is designed to create more interest in the film. She is still on the film, and the edit will be done in two weeks.

So there we have it. One minute she's out, the next she's back in. Time will tell which one is true. Are you still excited about Punisher: War Zone? Or are you beginning to worry?



CHUD and Cinematical are being used as shills for the Lion's Gate house as they scramble from their UNsuccessful attempt to slander Lexi Alexander. They wanted to justify her exclusion from the post production process, but Punisher fans aren't so stupid as to fall for such clumsy and obvious tactics. The problem Lion's Gate has is that Lexi and others were so open about what they were doing with this film, most of us know just what to expect and that, if we get any less than that, it won't be HER fault.

I'm having mixed feelings. It was all going quite terribly (I still think the loss of Thomas Jane is catastrophic, he was the perfect Frank), then a shimmer of hope came when we saw this was definitely not holding back.. now .. *sigh*

Funny thing is I recall when the Tom Jane version was having trouble too. An Artisan trailer had released (which looked fricking sweet) & then it shifted hands to Liongates (& all publicity here-on got worse, even though the film still held its own).


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