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Doom sequel?

Doom_Poster.jpgDo you want to see a sequel to Doom (Filmstalker review)? Well I used to love the videogame series and was always beating everyone at work...well most of the time anyway, but the film wasn't that good.

Saying that it had a lot of potential, and it did have some great aspects to it, but do you really want to see the sequel?

Well the company who made the Doom games, id, are well into the idea, and why not? They are still getting Doom games out there and people are still buying them, and if it earns them some more money why wouldn't they be into it?

The President of id, Todd Hollenshead has been talking about what he would like, Hollywood aside, and through Kotaku and MoviesOnline he said:

“Personally I'd like to do another Doom movie, I thought working with it was a blast...There are some lessons we learned. The best way to do things better is to get the experience.”

Still though, they don't own the rights to the film version, so they can't really make the studio do it, they have to want to and be able to see some money in it. For me, I think they should pick an upcoming horror director and put them in the film, because it's that kind of movie. However keep the budget high enough to get the CG right.

Here's what I said about the original film:

“Overall I would say that it gave Doom fans just what they wanted, and more. It also gives action-horror fans a nice little film. Given a revisit by the editing team I think we really could see a better, more thrilling and suspenseful ending, which could build tension better than it did.

As it is, it's not as bad as the reviewers made out when it was released and does give that Dom feeling along with plenty of Rock action. If only there were more of that BFG.”

So I did enjoy it, of course to Doom (Filmstalker review) wasn't a superb film, but it delivered the videogame experience of Doom, and it delivered it well in my mind. However what do you think, and are you a fan of the games or not? Want a sequel?



I watched the first Doom film very drunk on whiskey and REALLY enjoyed it...

Man, that's the way to watch a lot of Hollywood films!


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