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Downey Jr. talks Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes

RobertDowneyJr.jpgRobert Downey Jr. has been talking about two of his upcoming films, Iron Man 2 directed by Jon Favreau and Sherlock Holmes directing by Guy Ritchie.

He reveals that Iron Man 2 may actually contain some other Marvel heroes and will be a definite lead on to an Avengers film, and that his Sherlock Holmes will be a martial artist.

Yeah, that's what I thought! Commenting about the film he reveals:

“Watson…it’s all there. The cool thing about Sherlock Holmes was he’s actually a very skilled martial artist. So it’s going to have elements of that…it’s not just his deduction and all that stuff. It’s going to be a very action-packed version of that. To me it’s really exciting...

...I love the idea of martial arts and bare-knuckle boxing…before the Queensbury rules, where it was all kind of proper, it was this real balls-to-the-wall, brutal type stuff. Guy Ritchie’s a martial artist, and martial arts student…so we’re going to have a real fun time doing all that.”

Those comments come through IESB.

Wow, Sherlock Holmes the bare knuckled boxer and martial artist?! Well they do say that the original stories had him portrayed as more of a fighter than we see in the television portrayals of the character, although he was as intelligent as our modern Holmes.

I'm torn on this one and I'm really unsure which way it will go. It does have the opportunity to be a complete disaster, but then again, it might just work.

Robert Downey Jr. has also been talking about the Iron Man (Filmstalker review) sequel, Iron Man 2. It's tough being a titling guy I'm sure. He's talking about some of the cameos, and he comes out and openly says that Iron Man 2 is setting things up for the Avengers film.

When asked over at Latino Review if there are going to be any cameos he responded:

“Ya, it's a big world. It's kind of hard to navigate because you want to be able to set up The Avengers in Iron Man 2...before we were grounded in reality and now we're starting to go into the Marvel Universe.”

He does say an absolute no to the appearance of Hulk in the film, but when asked about Captain America or Thor he states that he can neither confirm nor deny it and that nothing is set in stone. Now that sounds like they are considering the idea, and I could see Captain America making an appearance in a film like this.

In both interviews Downey Jr. talks about the story going in a direction slightly away from the first film, and that they're going to do something a little more risky in order to develop the character in the second film, although it will be more of the same.

So far I like what's being said about Iron Man 2, but I really do hope that they do something with a little more meat than the first film. I think The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) will have shown them that they could do something a little darker than the first and be successful.



Really anticipating Iron Man 2. I think if they do a well-conceived trilogy, they're in good hands so far. I can't help wondering who they'll get for The Mandarin though. Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li are at the top of the list so far for me. But it would be nice to get someone who's a better actor from Hong Kong cinema to really do it well like Tony Lueng.

You raise an interesting point Mack, they're good choices but a bit predictable I think. I hope Hollywood go for an unknown (to western cinema anyway) perhaps Honglei Sun, he really caught my attention in 'Mongol' - practically stole the show.


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