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Eddie Murphy goes silent

EddieMurphy.jpgWhat has happened to Eddie Murphy's career? Well to be fair he was mostly known for shouting, swearing and some catch phrases, but his career has descended to kids comedy playing multiple characters at the same time. Now we're hearing that Murphy will be playing a role in a silent film where he has a thousand words or less.

That's one good thing I guess, but his co-star, Kerry Washington, is suggesting that the film becomes a Charlie Chaplin role for Murphy, something that I think is quite a stretch of a comparison considering where Murphy's career is.

I remember comments and quotes coming out about Meet Dave, and to be fair some of it looked interesting, but really nothing has drawn any interest from myself since he did Boomerang. Yes, really.

Looking at his career list there's thirty-seven films between now and Boomerang, sure there's Shrek and Dreamgirls between them, but that's it, and apart from those we're looking at little more in his entire career – 48 Hrs., Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Harlem Nights...and the rest, well they speak for themselves.

A Thousand Words comes from the same director that gave us Meet Dave, Norbit and...wait a minute, there's some strange connection there. The writer also gave us Bruce and Evan Almighty as well as Click. Yeah, I can see where this is going too.

The film is about a man who finds out that he only has a thousand words left before he dies, so he stays silent in order to stay alive.

The comments on the film from Kerry Washington come from MTV Movies Blog:

“It’s hilarious...It’s this really, really lovely poignant beautiful film...It’s just this fantastic story about a guy who learns to truly understand the importance of his words, and to say what he means. He doesn’t speak his truth [at the beginning] so it’s really about this guy having to learn how important his word is.”

You have to wonder what's happening with his career and his management company – who's making the decisions for the scripts, and where have the more subtle and human performances like Boomerang gone?



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