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Eden Lake trailer online

EdenLake.jpgThe British horror film Eden Lake has a trailer online, and while you might recognise plenty of scenes from other films it is looking rather strong.

I usually hate saying things like "it looks like X" and making comparisons like that just because a two second shot in a trailer looks similar to a previous film, but here there are a few plot indicators that do suggest a direct comparison.

Looking at this I think it would be fair to say it was inspired by films such as Ils (Filmstalker review), but here we go deeper into the protagonists and they are given depth, form and character, something that could do the story proud.

You can see the trailer over on YouTube [Flash:Embed] through Quiet Earth, mainly because the user who has put it online has removed the ability to embed the trailer, however it won't be long before it's ripped and put on the other trailer sites.

James Watkins' Eden Lake tells the story of a couple who head out deep into the country for a romantic break, however they soon encounter a group of teenagers who are the typical British yobs itching for a fight.

When they confront them about the loud music and the invasion of their space the kids begin to pick on them. As events escalate out of control the man is badly assaulted and the woman has to try and escape to freedom to get help.

Now I do warn you not to read the full summary on the IMDB site, although it might not give away that much, looking at the trailer and reading it I would suggest that there's a rather large spoiler in there.

Eden Lake does look good though and it's looking like a powerful horror film and marks James Watkins' first film as director. He's written a few already including My Little Eye, Gone, and The Descent 2, so this could be good.

As much as I hate to make the comparisons on this little information, is it perhaps been seen before?



I like the look of that. Nothing better than a good British horror.

What is it about British horror that's so appealing Billy? Or is it more European horror?

If you like british films and like cramp in your feet from your toes curling with fear then this is for you. True british style (no-one seems to do this as good as we do) Awesome horror. And totally believable, which I think makes it...

Is it that good? Then if I can just persuade my wife to go and see it...she hates horror.


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