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Fast and Furious trailer online

FastandtheFurious.jpgThe trailer for Fast and Furious, the latest film in the franchise which features the return of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, is now online.

It's been bootlegged without any sound and so someone has added their own sound track over the top, so probably a double copyright break there, but it's online none the less and you can watch it here.

The action looks pretty damn good, and with a better version we could really be seeing something exciting. It's only one main action sequence, but everything around it looks action packed, and there's the stars headlining the trailer too.

What is great is the tagline, I love this:

"New Model, Old Parts"

Come on, you have to love that don't you?

Fast and Furious is the fourth in the franchise (yes I got my numbers right this time) and sees Brian released from prison only to team up with Dom once again as they work with the authorities to bring down a drug importer in order to ensure Dom's freedom.

The film is directed once again by Justin Lin with David Ayer, Ernesto Foronda and Chris Morgan writing. Here's the trailer:



I'm actually looking forward to seeing the return of the original cast -- I heard the storyline was set somewhere between the 1st and 2nd movies.

I didn't think this film was, the short that Diesel is directing is most definitely in that timeline though.

Err, didn't the mad max series already cover this, what with the fuel and everything?

Can't believe that us aussies(G'day) are FINALLY decades ahead of the rest of the world at something :)


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