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Fast and the Furious 5 directed by Diesel

VinDiesel-PaulWalker.jpgVin Diesel is directing a fifth Fast and the Furious film, even before the fourth film has even been released. This fifth film will be a prequel to the fourth film, Fast and Furious.

However there's something worth noting, this is only a twenty minute short film, and as yet we don't know how the film will be shown.

My guess is that this will be for a DVD extra, but the interesting thing to consider is that if Vin Diesel does well we may just see a full length film from him, after all he's already returned to the franchise, perhaps he could take a crack at directing one?

The news comes from Coming Soon and tells us that Vin Diesel is directing the fourth instalment in the Fast and the Furious franchise. This will be a prequel to Fast and Furious, the fourth film which is yet to be released, and the word is that this will bridge the gap for the characters between films bringing us up to the starting point of the fourth film, Fast and Furious.

Vin Diesel is no stranger to directing, or writing, or producing, he did all these things on a film called Strays (Filmstalker review). Now the rating may be low for the review there, but do bear in mind that it's a DVD review and the picture quality isn't great and the extras are very limited, however the film is a bit of a surprise.

What's most surprising is hearing about the work that Diesel put into it, particularly in last night rewrites before the last day of filming where they had to fit in a whole weeks worth of shooting due to running out of money on the production.

It's a surprisingly strong film, and the DVD reveals so much more about his talent than the gruff action star we so often see.

It's not his only directed feature, there was Multi-Facial which he also wrote, produced and starred in, and he has Hannibal the Conqueror coming up, so he does have the talent.

I'd actually be interested in seeing what he could do with this short, and if the third in the series does well and the fans go to see Fast and Furious, perhaps we'll see him get a stab at a proper fifth Fast and the Furious film? Is that something fans would want?



There's a mistake in the article. it says he's directing a fourth film before the 3rd is released. The 3rd film was released a couple of years ago. The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.

Oops, forgot to send my previous comment. Thanks very much Chris, I really messed that one up, not enough sleep of late and too many other things going on in life and I just wasn't concentrating when I was writing it.

Apologies and I've corrected it now.

Uhh..this article is wrong...Vin is directing a prequel to fast and the furious 4...It basically going to show the life of Letty and Han before they die...The spoiler is that Letty is going to die in fast and the furious 4...This prequel is to show how they really knew each other after the events of fast and the furious 1...

What's wrong about it now Hondakid? Sounds like you've got a little more information on what part of the characters lives it's going to cover, but other than that it's fine.

Yea, u right...I think I know to much about the movie...LOL...but yea the official trailer just got released...

I hear that the prequel is going to be aired on Direct Tv tommorrow! Here is the link:


i dont get

I just saw Fast and Furious this weekend and if there is a chance that there would be a 5th film I would be in line to see that one too. I thought the 4th film was really good and bringing the original cast memeber back was pure genius.

they should have not killed off letty or the origanil crew because now the [expletive removed - Richard] is not going to be good any more the writer real [expletive removed - Richard] up when he worte this one case afther killing letty off and the old gang no one want to see it any more that was a mastake killing letty off and the old gang writer stupid for doing that

i thought the laos guy died in a car wreck in tokyo drift now hes alive in number 4 dats weird

Humberto, if you seen the 4th F & F you will see Dom tell Han that it is getting dangerous and Han mentions "crazy stuff kids are doing in Tokyo". Hence, Dom and Han know each other BEFORE Han goes to Tokyo and dies. This is why at the end of Tokyo Drift Dom is there and says he knew Han before. This would put # 4 in front of Tokyo Drift in a time line sequence of the character's lives.

heres the scoop: search Fast & Furious Muscles Past Rivals
neal mrohz is a cinema ands hes working on this project at the moment so theres the answer

The Fast and the Furious 4 was brilliant if Vin Diesel does direct the next one it would be fantastic it should be based on the end of tokyo drift as he races shaun.

fast and furious 4 was great and i noticed tht the 4th in the timeline is b4 the 3rd Tokyo drift and i agree tht if a 5th is to be filmed it shud continue with Dom and Shaun race and Brian (paul walker) and doms sis shud go with dom to Tokyo.

The new fast and the furious was the best one so far. i mean it was great and i wont to see it again in theaters befor it gose to DVD and i would love to see another one. i would see them even if it went to the tenth movie.

@Chris. Tokyo Drift was filmed third, but in terms of the story line, third was fourth, and fourth the third. So any real fan of the franchise actually knew what he meant ;)


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