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Filmstalker reader turned film-maker

RamSolanki.jpgLongtime Filmstalker reader and online chum Ramchandra Solanki has a showbiz name, of that there's no doubt. Now he's showing he has the showbiz talent to go with it as he's started doing what most of us just talk about, he's film-making.

He's started off with a couple of short films, and what surprised me is just how totally different his second was from the first. He's showing some great talent, see what you think.

It would have been easy to make the second short in a similar vein, or even a sequel/prequel of the first - hey, you should have made a remake!! - but he didn't, and he's gone for something totally different which really threw me.

That shows much more versatility, and I'm starting to think there could be a career ahead of Ram, and not the one he's on!

Here are his two films, the second has another version, a Bollywood version. You can stay tuned to the YouTube channel for popz25 for his next project, and catch him over on his own blog.

Here's the shorts, shout out and give him some encouragement for goodness sake!

loose ends - working title

Building Character - working title

Bollywood version - Dhyaan Kidhar Hai?

What do you think then? Can you do better? Have you done better? Give Ram some positivity, some constructive comments, and then why not try us with your own shorts? Ooerr!



Building Character was good, I really liked it (even if it did make me want a coffee). Keep up the good work!

Re: Building Character, why didn't you film this in Starbucks? :P

Great job mate, dont forget us, the little people, once you're up there!

Billy - If it made you want a coffee, my work is done. Product placement at it's best :-P

Simone - Oddly enough, the plan was to shoot in a Starbucks, however 2 things happened .. 1) This new Nero had opened up & they had construction work outside that made it a pain to get into, meaning it was quieter. 2) The basement where we shot was better lit. I'd heard it so many times, but I understand it now. Lighting is *very* important. Not having the best possible lighting was the main weakness of Loose Ends.

As for forgetting you guys, not happening. My true friends will always be the ones that were there from the beginning.

Rich - The reason we went down the route of making them so different is to show we're versatile. We're attempting to build a portfolio, (& having fun doing it), I figure the more diverse each one is the better the portfolio looks. Also, when asked to choose 1 as a best has been quite varied.

Appreciate the post Rich, I haven't even blogged it myself yet :-P

It's always interesting to hear comments. Keep 'em coming.

Appreciate the post Rich, I haven't even blogged it myself yet

This is what Richard does best Ram, he is there before everybody else, won't be called filmstalking for nothing! Saying that though, I did check on your blog after I have read this article, and was surprised you haven;t done it yet, and look, it's been 5 days since!


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