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Flash of Genius trailer online

FlashofGenius.jpgThe trailer for Flash of Genius starring Greg Kinnear as the man who invented the intermittent windscreen wiper does seems like a contrived story, but the thing is it's true. While the car companies were struggling, this college professor managed to invent it and then carefully broker a deal with Ford to sell it to them.

Like most corporate companies filled with greedy and ego and empire building mid-level managers, and not just back then either, Ford stole the idea and threw the deal out. However the professor wasn't going to let it rest and decided to take his own case to court and fight them for the credit.

There's two times in my life I wished I had the guts and endurance as this man did to stand up and fight for my rights rather than lay down and have my rights and my own work trampled by a corporation, and ultimately an egotistical, dehumanised individual. I rolled over and decided to get on with my life, and the kind of person I am inside, well that burns me to this day.

So I know I'll be sucked in by this story and love it, especially as Greg Kinnear can give strong performances and convincing ones at that.

Flash of Genius tells the true story of Professor Robert Kearns who didn't want the huge amounts of money that Ford were offering, but more the credit for what he had done, and so he fought for it.

The film also stars Lauren Graham, Dermot Mulroney and Alan Alda, and the trailer does look pretty good, although it's obviously geared to pull all the right strings at the right time, it still is a story worth seeing, if only to inspire others to stand up against corporations who trample over real people.

Here's the trailer found through Digital Spy, interestingly it's the first of three this morning and although the film is perhaps the smallest attention grabbing out of the three, it certainly is the best trailer:



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