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Update: Frost/Nixon trailer online in HD

Nixon-Frost.jpgThe trailer for Frost/Nixon is online, and it shows us something I love about film, the power of characters, writing and relationships, and look, no explosions!

The film follows the events of the now famous interview of Richard Nixon by the British chat show host David Frost whose career exploded after this mammoth moment of politics and television.

The interview spanned a couple of days and showed Richard Nixon and David Frost sparring back and forth with Frost trying to get the President to admit his involvement in Watergate on camera.

Peter Morgan wrote the script for the film, which is the first exciting part of the package, and then there's the fact that Ron Howard directs both Michael Sheen and Frank Langella who are reprising their roles from the equally famous stage play of the same story.

There are a host of other stars appearing as well, with Kevin Bacon, Toby Jones, Sam Rockwell and Oliver Platt headlining, it also marks another strong role for the British actor Matthew Macfadyen.

The trailer really does look good, and I mean that. It slowly builds the tension and the power, setting the characters just right and bringing them to the point of battle in the film. It doesn't give away anything that it shouldn't.

This looks like it could be a superb film, and it's definitely a superb trailer. Have a look and see what you think. This is Frost/Nixon.

Update: The trailer is now available in high definition over at Yahoo Movies [480p:720p:1080p].



Really looking forward to this one. Always had a soft spot for Ron Howard films and it's a great cast.

I was fixed on that trailer. Looks very compelling, a must see me thinks.

Very compelling and powerful stuff indeed. I'm really looking forward to this!

Missed the West End version so looking forward to this one too!


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