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Gibson is B.A. Baracus in A-Team

TheATeam.jpgJust yesterday I wrote about Tyrese Gibson confirming that he's on board the film version of The A-Team being directed by John Singleton but that he hadn't yet revealed his character.

Well today he's revealed what character he would be playing, and it confirms one thing, The A-Team film will not be a direct remake of the series, this will be updated and modernised.

I also think that we're not going to be in for the following known scenarios:

  • Everyone survives, and I mean everyone, even the bad guys who get shot at
  • They manage to make a killer tank out of a dead pickup sitting in a barn somewhere with little else than farmyard tools

Tyrese Gibson was talking to MTV Movies Blog and he confirmed that he will be playing B.A. Baracus. So we already can see that the character isn't going to be like the original played by Mr. T, and that means no Ice Cube – which is good because he's so gangster these days he's a kiddies comedy star!

“It’s B.A. Baracus...I haven’t officially signed on — everything is still on standby — but the conversations coming my way feel right. I’m gonna try to put my touch on [the character]. I mean, I got the muscles!”

Well in a way he has, but it is a different look for the character, and that's something that Gibson confirms saying that there's going to be a modernisation of the character, and that could mean no mohawk and without his own body weight in chains.

“I think at the end of the day, you wanna take all the elements that work and take your hands on something new...I don’t think B.A. will be pissed if we decide to change it up a bit.”

Now I think that's great, a modern story could work really well, but you know what happens if you modernise the story of The A-Team? You get The Losers, a comic book series which currently has Tim Story attached to it, although it's been through a number of better choices.

So are we in danger of getting an A-Team that is too much like The Losers? A serious, darker, edgier, and more realistic story of a black-ops team betrayed by their own country who come back to find out who turned them over? Do you want a modernised A-Team or one that just stuck to the old television series?



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