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Goonies 2 to get major release

TheGoonies.jpgAt the start of last year we heard that The Goonies was getting a sequel and that it was heading direct to DVD, well that doesn't seem the case if the inside sources are to be believed.

It actually seems that Goonies 2 is going to be a big budget film, and that two top class writers are already on the case writing a big budget sequel.

An inside source, whom Moviehole trusts a great deal, tells them through JoBlo that there's going to be a sequel and that it's going to be a major release for Warner Bros., as they say a tent pole or flag pole, or just a damn big pole at the centre of something, maybe a traffic light in the middle of a roundabout, whatever. The point is it looks set for a mojor release.

What they were also told is that there are rather well paid writers currently on the project and that there's word that some of the original cast would return, although there's no idea of who would, but when you look at Richard Donner's original The Goonies from a story by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus' screenplay, there are some great names.

Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton and even Joe Pantoliano!

I think it's great news that they're doing a sequel and I think it's superb that it's going to be a big budget film, but at the same time there are a few warning lights being flashed for me. Just making something big budget and boasting that writers are being paid a lot of money isn't the most promising thing to hear for a film these days, let's face it.

It would have been better news to hear that there are top class writers working on it and there are a couple of top class directors being touted for the film. Hopefully that's going to come, but it would have been better to hear something along those lines rather than just throwing money at it.



I love the Goonies! It's up there with Karate Kid in my favourite memories from growing up in the 80's and i will watch a sequel with the original cast even it's rubbish! ;) I would like to see them respect it and give it a good story and not just work off the title! Here'shoping!


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