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Goonies Sequel Not Happening?

TheGoonies.jpgAnother day, another rumour, and another site says something different. Our sources say this, our sources say that, it's like He Said, She Said. Well now another site is saying that their sources say The Goonies 2 is not happening, and any confusion is probably over another film called Treehouse Gang.

Of course there won't be any smoke and mirrors going on, because that never happens in Hollywood, and sources are always reliable, whoever they come from. Much as I dislike the rumours that turn out to be true, I love talking about their possibilities.

However today it looks like another side of the Interflab are saying no way to The Goonies 2 story that appeared the other day. There we were led to believe that there was going to be another film, big budget, and probably with some of the original cast returning. It was from an inside source that was very reliable.

Today we hear from Cinematical through the cool MoviesOnline who say that it's rubbish and that their inside sources say it's not all true – note their wording, not all true. They say it's getting confused with Treehouse Gang whose plot is more like a Goonies sequel than anything I've heard ever.

“That film follows a group of childhood friends/explorers who meet up at their 10-year reunion and wind up on a treasure-hunting adventure.”

Wow, that sounds like a sequel to The Goonies, and probably just a way to get around paying people like Steven Spielberg huge royalties for doing a sequel to his original idea. Who knows. Maybe it's even a diversion to stop the Interflab talking about it. Either way, another site is saying it's off. Good news, bad news?

Bear in mind that this doesn't exactly debunk the Goonies sequel idea because that's been on the go since February 2007 when there was talk of a direct to DVD sequel.



Awwww - That's a real shame if it's not happening. It's bound to happen eventually because of the sure-fire profits. Hope they don't make a mess of it.


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