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Greek soldier memoirs film

Anabasis.jpgNow this is interesting, mostly the announcements of new projects fly by, but this one caught my eye. Anabasis are the memoir's of a Greek soldier called Xenophon who was one of ten thousand elite mercenaries who attacked the Persian Empire.

The story tells of how their leader was betrayed and slain and how he led them back through hostile territory to safety. Perhaps this is to balance the story from 300?

The memoirs have already inspired a number of others, most notably the 1979 film from Walter Hill called The Warriors.

According to Variety the script will be written by Robert Schenkkan who is a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and has the new television versions of The Andromeda Strain and Spartacus under his belt as well as The Quiet American.

One of the producers, Jonathan Sharp, said of the story:

"Crazy tribes, brutal terrain, vicious combat, hellacious weather -- 'Anabasis' is full of astounding endurance and heroism..."

You can read more about Anabasis.

Sounds pretty interesting, and from the looks of it might give us a story from the same time and feel of 300 (Filmstalker review) that is way more Persian friendly and perhaps more historically correct, not that I think 300 has anything to apologise or make up for, just that a more real world story would be interesting to see.



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