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Update: Greengrass replaces Spielberg in The Trial of the Chicago 7

PaulGreengrass.jpgWe just heard the other day that Steven Spielberg had left the production of The Trial of the Chicago 7 because of, as he and the producers claim, the writers strike and, the more likely scenario, the work involved on the Tintin trilogy.

Now there's rumour of another director taking over the project, and in fact more than a rumour as Production Weekly are now listing the director as Paul Greengrass.

Paul Greengrass is currently working on the Green Zone, a film inspired by the book Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Baghdad's Green Zone which looks at the American's attempt to rebuild Iraq and the absurdities that occurred inside the American led Coalition Provisional Authority.

There's also the rumour that he'll have a fourth Bourne film to cope with as well as the film They Marched into Sunlight, which has been discussed for a long time but it's unsure if it still is on his to do list. That film looks at two events, one the deaths of sixty-one American soldiers in a Viet Cong ambush in 1967, and a student protest against the Dow Chemical company, and how they come together to begin the college campus protests against the war in Vietnam.

So Greengrass has a busy schedule, however taking on The Trial of the Chicago 7, according to the rumour in Film School Rejects through /Film would be an interesting project, particularly as he would be taking over from Steven Spielberg.

However it would bring into question if he would be making They Marched into Sunlight after that film, since it is about the height of the protests against the Vietnam war.

The film tells the story of the eight people arrested for their role in the anti-Vietnam demonstrations during the 1968 Democratic Party rally which resulted in violent protests and clashes. The eight were whittled down to seven when one defendant accepted a separate trial from the rest and the others were tried and found guilty before later being freed on an appeal.

I would think that if Greengrass was to take on The Trial of the Chicago 7 that They Marched into Sunlight might fall behind and never get made, which is a shame because it suggests that it would not only look at the protests, but also those on the front line fighting.

Update: According to CHUD through Latino Review Paul Greengrass is no longer attached to The Trial of Chicago 7 after word was that he was taking over from Steven Spielberg. He did confirm that it was a wonderful project and was considering it, however schedules haven't worked out as he hoped it would have and he's off. Perhaps we're looking at another Bourne film after all.



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