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Jolie replaces Cruise on Edwin A. Salt

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie is replacing Tom Cruise in the spy thriller Edwin A. Salt. Obviously there's something there that leaps out, yes, they are of a different sex so it would seen that the script will be rewritten somewhat to accommodate the change.

Kurt Wimmer is doing that rewrite and once done it will be in the hands of Phillip Noyce to direct Jolie as the CIA officer who's accused by a Russian defector of being one of their sleeper spies, and she goes on the run in order to prove her innocence.

Obviously there's going to be a title change too, although I think Edwina A. Salt probably won't be the new title, however it does look like Jolie is going to keep up with her action orientated career. It might give us a little reminder of Mr and Mrs Smith, but definitely without a male counterpart on screen and without the humour.

I actually relish seeing her cross so easily between drama and action like this, she is such a great versatile actress. I was watching Tomb Raider the other day on television and remembered just how much fun that film is, really it's not as bad as many made out.

Something that did grab me, apart from her mastery of action and how beautiful she is, is how well she can handle accents, slipping in and out with seeming ease.

Okay, this is turning into a full praise off for Angelina Jolie, but why not. The news from Variety that she is replacing Tom Cruise in the spy thriller Edwin A. Salt isn't bad at all, and now that I've been thinking about it as I write this I'm really starting to think that it could be even better for the story than Cruise, or any other Hollywood leading man, taking the role.

Now we have something a little different to contend with, it's not going to be a straight Bourne comparison from now until it hits the screen, and not only is there the great choice of Phillip Noyce as director, but there's Kurt Wimmer rewriting the script. Yes there's Equilibrium and Ultraviolet in there, but story wise they were rather unique and there's also Sphere, The Recruit and Street Kings, and The Thomas Crown Affair all good stories.

This could turn out to be something interesting that breaks that “another Bourne” that we're going to hear from now until release.



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