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King Lear in Scotland

Scotland.jpgWe've already heard the leading cast for the new King Lear film, Anthony Hopkins to play the lead of King Lear himself with Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts and Keira Knightley playing his daughters, and that filming could be in a number of places, however tomorrow the director, Joshua Michael Stern, and producers are set to arrive in Scotland to scout for locations.

One of the British producers has been talking about the locations that they are going to scout and has been particularly positive about Scotland being the main location. I hope it is.

Although the team will obviously be scouting all the locations, Scotland is set for their arrival this coming week with the director and producers set to tour Skye, the west Highlands, Perthshire and perhaps the east coast of Scotland. They'll be scouting for interesting locations that include unusual castle locations and some untouched landscapes.

Speaking to the Scotland on Sunday through the Scotsman, producer Faye Ward said:

“What they are fighting over in King Lear is the land, so the land has got to have a quality to it, which we feel Scotland has...What Scotland gives us is its epicness and its beauty. It's just amazing.”

She ambitiously states that they are going to look at all of the castles in Scotland, however I think that's just the way the article is written as I can't really see them touring every single castle location, perhaps they meant castles that hadn't fallen fowl of the elements and were still fully constructed, or just castles in their chosen areas.

Ward does also say that they'll be looking at landscapes that are epic and very dramatic, she even uses the words extremely untouched, places such as Glen Coe, near where I was born as a matter of fact.

There's an ongoing bone of contention with locations between Scotland and Ireland, as well as a few other overseas locations, with many films that boast Scottish locations in the script actually being filmed elsewhere, often in Ireland.

I can understand why productions go elsewhere, after all the cost is always a consideration and if something can be done elsewhere cheaper without too much difference in the final product then why not?

However it is always great to see the actual locations in a film, Braveheart, Hamlet, Dog Soldiers...yes there are many, many great films that story wise were in Scotland and yet had many scenes filmed outside. Dog Soldiers is perhaps the one that is the worst for having the most filming outside of the script location, only sweeping helicopter landscape shots were filmed here.

Certain scenes of Braveheart and Hamlet are great to see though, because for those who know Scotland you can recognise actual locations in the film, and the locations are indeed stunning.

I do hope that King Lear choses Scotland as a location for filming, however I'm sure the team will be heading to Ireland soon after they've toured these excellent locations.

Whichever wins you can already tell that there are set to be some truly epic scenes in this production of King Lear.



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