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Lisberger not off of Tr2n (Tron 2)

Tron.jpgI wrote a story about what happened behind that Tr2n aka Tron 2 teaser that's been showing on Filmstalker, and still is, since it was first released on the Internet, and it was pretty much that Steve Lisberger, the original creator of Tron, had spent over five years developing a sequel and had been dropped by Disney.

Well not true tells Lisberger himself, in fact he's heavily involved in the project and will be working on the sequel to ensure that they keep that original feel and style.

Steve Lisberger publicly addressed the story that came out about him being dropped from the sequel with the following email to AICN:

“Jim Hill’s piece on Tr2n sounds very dramatic but actually we are trying to put all the drama into the script. I can assure you I am very much involved with Tr2n. It’s a collaborative effort just like the first film was. We have a very talented and dedicated young group and I am doing my best to inspire them as much as they are inspiring me. The trailer, as amazing as it is, is only the beginning.”

He goes onto say that he will be a producer and mentor on the project pushing the creativity of the film. He also said that the work he's been doing over the last seven years has directly contributed to the way the film is today and where the film is going.

You know as great as that sounds, he's still a producer, and his script is not being used. That doesn't mean that the sequel will be worse than the original, and it could really mean that he has a strong creative role on the sequel, we shall have to wait and hear more from him as he reveals the full story later this weekend.

What I really hope though is that we hear about the film, not so much about the controversy of his involvement. When are we getting to see something, and when are Disney going to take advantage of the marketing hype from that Comic-Con trailer and release the full thing?



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