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Madsen talks Inglorious Bastards and Vega Brothers

MichaelMadsen.jpgMichael Madsen has been talking about the possibility of him being involved in Inglorious Bastards and the much talked about Pulp Fiction spin off, The Vega Brothers, and neither sounds that promising.

It seems that Quentin Tarantino has been verbally agreeing to a number of roles for him, but so far none of them are coming through.

When asked about Inglorious Bastards, and bear in mind that casting news is coming thick and fast right now, he says that it's a mystery.

"You'd have to ask Quentin. I know Tim Roth and I were attached to it for two or three years. He told me what my character's name was, and we talked a lot about it. But seeing he has this deal with The Weinstein Company and now they seem to be going to the studios, I'm not really sure. I'm hopeful there'll be a role in there for me somewhere."

That's not great news from the Michael Madsen interview at Film.com. Then, when asked about The Vega Brothers he reveals that Quentin Tarantino has more than just a passing fancy for the idea, well he did have.

"I wouldn't say it's obviously not going to happen...It wouldn't be my decision not to do it. It would be John's, who would most likely resist the doing of that, of course forgetting that Quentin turned his life around and changed the course of his career. Quentin, at one time, told me The Vega Brothers could never happen ... because it would have to be a prequel and John doesn't look the same anymore. And neither do I."

Well that sounds like bad news so far, but then he turns it around. After Tarantino returned from a short holiday he called him up:

"...and said, 'I know how we can make The Vega Brothers. You guys will be the twin brothers of Vincent and Vic and you're both coming back to L.A. to avenge the deaths of your brothers. You're both on a flight to Los Angeles and you don't know he even exists.' I thought that was a cool idea. There's a lot more on how he'd do that, but I couldn't reveal that to you. I'm all for it, though. I'd never say never."

Well that sounds like it's a possibility, but we have to remember that this is Tarantino here, and his choice of projects can often feel rather, well, flighty. Then you have to think of how long he'd take to write the script and get it going, and if he'll have much pull when it comes round to it, after all he's remaking a Russ Meyer film.

Someone said to me the other day that Tarantino is too busy parodying himself to make something new and original. While I can see an element of that I have to disagree with films such as Kill Bill, but then the truth is that it's all been done before anyway, just not in the west with the big budget.

Perhaps we will see The Vega Brothers get made, but me, I'm very doubtful. As for Michael Madsen in Inglorious Bastards, well if he's going to be in Tarantino better hurry up.



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